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What they are saying about BAG END'S BASS


Industry experts agree BAG END Loudspeaker Systems' Bag End Subwoofer is one of the greatest advances in sound reproduction technology in decades. To back that up, the industry twice nominated ELF for TEC Awards for technical excellence & creativity and for a Golden Note Award by the Academy for the Advancement of High End Audio.

"The subwoofers revealed a whole new world of heretofore inaudible sounds . . . I've heard dozens of subwoofer systems in the last few years, and this is easily the most coherent and musical.
- Lawrence Ullman, ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN Magazine

"After using the ELF system for a while, it's hard to go back to using conventional monitoring . . . Overall the BAG END bass system is a versatile tool, providing maximum output from minimum enclosures. Clearly, BAG END did its homework."
- George Petersen, MIX Magazine

"It's the finest I've heard . . . It is incredibly tight and well damped. Articulation and transients of low-frequency bass were positively astounding . . . And if you're looking for a home theater subwoofer system, look no further. I can't imagine anything better."
- Michael Fremer, THE ABSOLUTE SOUND Magazine

"Did Michael Fremer say that was bass like you've never heard before? It is. Not just quantity. That's up to you. But quality: defined, precise and focused."
- Dan Schwartz, THE ABSOLUTE SOUND Magazine

"I find it more solid, cleaner, more detailed, less rumbly, more
revealing than that of any other subwoofer known to me."
- Peter Aczel, THE AUDIO CRITIC Magazine

BAG END's processor gets my vote for the most flexible and adaptable electronic crossover-controller . . . (the ELF-1) dual integrator and ELF S18-E subwoofers bring needed bass power to the home subwoofer market. The S18-E's cabinet is relatively small for a high-end subwoofer, yet the speaker extended deeper than any I've ever heard."
- Larry Greenhill, STEREOPHILE Magazine

"BAG END's system delivered the goods. Frequency response was stunningly clean. ... This is one hell of a bass system. BAG END has built a rig that's ideally suited to the automotive environment. It delivers big, high-quality bass and should continue to do so indefinitely thanks to its dynamic protection circuitry."
- Tom Nousaine, CAR STEREO REVIEW Magazine

Borrowing the BAG END technology from professional systems and adpating it to home subwoofer use works like a charm. You get clean, deep bass.
- David Clark, AUDIO Magazine

"It exceeded my expectations ten-fold. It's the most versatile sound processing system I have ever tried for a production. - and its response is really stunning."
- Jim Van Bergen, New York sound designer,

"A major advance in sound technology, with considerable space and weight saved by the smaller enclosures."
- Scott Malandrone, BASS PLAYER Magazine

"Conventional pro audio wisdom has always been that the way to get a dance floor shakin' with bass is to use bulky, back-breaking cabinets and power hungry amps . . . BAG END has rethought speaker design and come up with a way to get tight-fisted hard-thumpin' bass from a system designed for mobility."
- Robert Lindquist, MOBILE BEAT magazine

"It literally delivered audiophile performance characteristics while generating thundering, concert hall type sound pressure with remarkable clarity, realism and depth."
- Edward Tywoniak, BAM Magazine

"Very smooth and controlled, and integrates quite seamlessly with the regular speakers . . . You really don't know it's there until you turn it off."
- Nick Batzdorf, HOME & STUDIO RECORDING Magazine

"The results produced by the ELF-1 are potentially earth shattering (literally, if anyone ever puts together enough drivers and really turns them up), and so useful that every audio system from the smallest project studio to the largest sound reinforcement system could benefit from this device."
- Wade McGregor, EQ Magazine

"Our 20-cycle test tone practically caused the immediate evacuation of our building . . . The system made the bottom end of dance, rap and techno cuts sound fabulous."
- Jim Aiken, KEYBOARD Magazine



"The BAG END system never fails to impress."

- Dave Tourkow, supervising engineer,
TODD-AO/Glen Glenn Studios
, Hollywood

"The definition provided by Bag End is great; it gives us a nice fat, tight low end."
- Rob Milbourn, sound designer, Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago

"Is truly phenomenal. It brings out the bass in a dB level that you've never heard before. I'm not a gadget guy and we are not a gadget company. This thing is not a gadget ... It hits you right in the heart. It's very impressive."
- Dave Shadoan, president, SOUND IMAGE, San Marcos, CA

"The response is so quick and the frequency response is so low, you can't help but be impressed . . . The system is very musical, the speakers don't `thud' - that's what I really like about them."

- Rick Camuso, head sound tech, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL


BAG END users are equally enthusiastic in their evaluation of the system. Here is what some users are saying:

Hi Bag End,

Greetings from California.

First of all, I have to tell you how incredibly happy I am with the TA1200 speakers that I purchased from you at the end of the NAMM show a few months back. As I told you, I am a saxophone/flute player and use them as speakers for my PA in small clubs, concerts, etc.... The response from them is so clean and flat, that it is a total joy to play through them. They are smaller and lighter than any speakers that I have owned previously, and they sound WAY better than anything I have owned. Finally I have found some speakers that give me back my true sound. I don't have to spend my time and energy at the gig trying to get my sound right. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Also, I appreciate your taking me on as an artist to endorse your products. And you better believe I tell everyone how I feel about your speakers.

I'm getting ready to record my new CD at the end of July. It's a straight-ahead jazz quintet project that will include Steve Weingart (from the Dave Weckle band), Hussain Jiffry (From the Sergio Mendez Band), as well as Larry Williams and Jason Harnell. I would like to purchase a set of your studio monitors with the subwoofer that I heard at the NAMM show here in L.A. They sounded incredible and I really want to use them for this new project!

Thank you
Robert Kyle


This is Greg Bennett, Owner of "Moon Dog Sound" here in central NY. We specialize in Mid size Sound Reinforcement events. I've been using Bag End TA15CF Wedge Monitors for over 7 years now. In all that time I've only had one 15" driver go down. That is simply amazing. We do quite a few national acts every year and over those 7 years your monitors have worked well for all of them. My favorite combination is with an Audix OM6, it smokes.

Greg Bennett Moon Dog Sound

Hi Jim and The Bad End Crew,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I finally got the S15B-D bass cabinet last week. I didn't get a chance to play in a big enough room to use the cabinet with my S15X-D...until tonight. I played one of the best clubs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Some of our regular fans came up to me during a break to ask me about my bass. They were all telling me (musicians and non musicians) how great my bass sounded! Two bass player friends of mine heard about my new set-up with the Bag End cabinets, and had to check them out. By the way, they both bought the S15X-D cabinets since they heard my Bag End cabinet three months ago. When I added the S15B-D to my rig, it was like magic. My girlfriend and my band mates were amazed how the sound filled the room without being too loud. My upright bass filled the room without booming and sounded like my bass. It had enough volume to be heard and felt without being overpowering. It is the perfect bass rig, my Ampeg SVT-3 Pro amp, and the S15B-B and S15X-D Bag End cabinets. I also played my Fender Jazz bass tonight and it also was incredible sounding. You could hear every note with even volume on all strings. I don't know if I've ever gotten such a good sound out of both my Fender and my Engelhardt Swingmaster double bass. All in all, the new cabinet was a definite compliment to an already great sounding bass rig.

I started playing bass in 1965 when I was 13. In all the years of playing, touring and recording, I have used about every good bass rig on the planet. Nothing compares to what I have now, thanks to Bag End!

I don't know how you guys at Bag End do it, but I am a loyal fan and customer forever! You have solved my bass cabinet problems for good. We also use an 18" Bag End subwoofer cabinet for our P.A. I'll have to send you a picture of my bass rig, it even looks cool. I can't thank you enough for all your help and recommending the S15X-D!!!

Best regards,
Tex Waggoner

Bag End,

In my modest dj set up I use four 18'' elf subs and two TA-5000 speakers and have got to say as a yes fan that this is the absolute best sound I have heard. I was a diehard jbl fan until I heard the BAG-ENDS and the rest as they say is history. Thanks so much for the best sound available and excellent products and support.


Dear Bag End,

I don't usually write testimonials ( I've put off writing this one for several years ), but I have to share this with you.

I've played bass for 35 years and have pretty much played through any rig that was popular. In the late '80's, I bought a Mesa Boogie 400 bass head and BE1516 cabinet. The 200 lb. cabinet was hugh ( in sound and stature ).

In the 90's, I became involved in Christian rock. The BE1516 cabinet at the front of a church scared I went looking. I played everyone's 2-10 cabinet that had a decent reputation. Just as I was giving up on the idea, I came across your cabinet ( it was an after thought of the salesman “oh why don't you try this?”).

I have always said that this cabinet defies physics. I play a Modulus Quantum 5 and there are a lot of songs in the key of D so..we're down there. Our band travels...I get to play with a lot of really good people. It seemed like everywhere I went, people were amazed at my sound..and at your cabinet !

Until recently, I just chalked up their remarks as a nice compliment. Within the last two weeks however, there's been more. I recently played with people whom I hadn't seen in 6 months. The guitarist said ( first words out of his mouth..) “you and your Bag End are infamous”. He went on to tell me about his recent touring and how all the sound people he talked to were still raving about the sound of the Bag End when I was out with him. A week later, I saw another bass player who said he finally bought his Bag End--directly because of mine. The final kicker was at a worship leaders conference last weekend. The speaker ( who I knew ), was talking about David creating instruments for loud, wild, passionate worship. He was saying that he was sure David's band would be using midi...and have an outrageous bass player running through a Bag End speaker !!

All this to say that, even though I've played through this little D10-C for years, I am STILL amazed......

Steve Almond

Greetings Bag End,

I have been playing bass since 1965 when I was 13. I can't remember how many bass rigs I have gone thru and blown up. Last Friday I went to Norman Music in Norman, Oklahoma to buy a 15" Eden bass cabinet. I plugged in my upright bass and almost blew the speaker in the Eden cabinet, so I tried the new Aguilar 15 cabinet and the same thing happened.

The last cabinet I tried was the Bag End S15X-D. I thought "NO WAY", but I tried it out anyway. Within 30 seconds of playing very hard slap bass on my upright through the Bag End, I told the salesman Chris Greenley to write me up a sales receipt. I wanted to use the Bag End cabinet at my gig that night.

The second night we played, Rusty Miller our "TONE KING" guitar player made the comment that my upright bass sounded like my upright bass with volume. The tone is incredibly GREAT with my Fender Jazz and the Upright bass!!!

I owe my tone to you guys at Bag End. Thanks for solving my upright bass problems!

Best regards,

Bassist/Blue Combo/Ott
Tex Waggoner
Bassist/Blue Combo/OttoMatic Records Tulsa, Oklahoma

PS I forgot to tell you.....I bought a S18E-C as a subwoofer for our PA. As usual the Bag End sub made a huge difference in our sound, it's 10 times better! Hope you get a chance to hear Blue Combo sometime soon!



Your subs ROCK! I had a chance to hear (feel) your subs a few years ago. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed. Ok, I wet my pants. Your subs are the smoothest, beefiest, most thunderous subs I have ever heard, and I'm not even talking about the ELF series. I can only imagine how the ELF subs sound. Unfortunately, I have not been in a situation where I can use your subs on a regular basis. I am confident this will change very soon.

I have been hearing about the ELF subs. 8 Hz, WOW!! No other company has ever accomplished this before. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted subs that can accurately reproduce the frequencies that I sing. Oh yeah, I'm a bass singer. Most bass singers don't need subs that produce frequencies below 20 Hz. I am a bass singer who could use subs that produce frequencies down to 8 Hz. Stop laughing, and let me explain. A little over a year ago, I broke the Guinness World Record for the lowest note produced by the human voice. With my voice, I can produce 8 Hz at about 46db. The previous record was 16.45 Hz. I beat that record by more than an octave. Guinness World Records just recently certified my record at 8 Hz. So, your subs can do 8 Hz; I can do 8 Hz; sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship! I hope I will soon be able to test your ELF subs. I can not wait any longer. I must have ELF subs.

I can only imagine how amazing they sound and feel.Thank you for your research and dedication to perfect sound.

Timothy Storms


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful bass speaker cabs and the FANTASTIC service that I recently received. I did something that I thought was impossible with my Bag End D12-D. I blew a speaker. This absolutely shocked me because all of my Bag End cabs are built to survive a nuclear blast. I have an S15X and one of the older D10X-D's, which incidentally, I think just demolishes the Eden D210xlt. And of course I have the D12-D. Well I wrote Craig Lockwood and received a reply the morning of the next working day. He had me send the dead speaker back and I received a new speaker this morning. I can't thank you enough for this level of service in this day and age of big, faceless, business corporations. I am going to be able to use the D12 for an audition that I have next week.

I want you to know that this type of service and quality doesn't go unnoticed. I'm not certain if you follow any of the Bulletin Boards but there is one that I participate on quite frequently called I and quite a few others have posted very favorable posts in the past few weeks regarding Bag End. Of course the sweetheart of the board is the S15 cabs. If you have a moment you might want to check it out. I think that you might find it interesting. There are about 18,500 registered members on the BB. Many are not that active but on a recent Bag End thread there were over 200 people that read that particular post.

Just a side note: As I stated above, I feel that the D10X-D just annihilates the Eden D210xlt but it has been discontinued. This is a phenomenal speaker cab. I've sung the praises of this cab but unfortunately these people are stuck looking for a used one. But before I talk too much I should take a look at the new D10B. Unfortunately the closest Bag End dealer is BassNW. It's too bad that River City Music, Vancouver, WA isn't a Bag End dealer. Jake Kot, the resident bass pro just loves Bag End. I've tried to talk them into taking on the line.

Thanks so much again for an excellent product and world-class customer service.

Jerry Jean

A while back while visiting Navy Pier in Chicago my son, wife and I sat down for lunch at McDonalds. Not being from the area I assumed it was probably normal to have live entertainment at such a popular tourist location. My back was turned towards the direction of the sound eminating from the speaker system. When I turned around to my surprise there was no band. I moved in closer for a look at what kind of speakers these were. They were Bag End. The speakers sounded incredibly lifelike. It was as close to a live performance as I could imagine. Now my question is this. What speakers are installed at this McDonalds? I'd very much like to own a pair someday.

Best Regards,
Kevin K.
Quincy, IL

I recently purchased a pair of lightly used (approx 6 year old) Bag End TA12jr-C loudspeakers after looking for moderate sized, high efficiency speakers for some time. My major concern was musical fidelity as I intended to use them for in-home listening, so I was a bit concerned purchasing PA type speakers. After listening to the TA12's however, you would never guess they were basic looking portable sound cabinets! Detail and clarity is amazing, and overall the speaker is superb to listen to. Good recordings sound excellent, while flaws in poor recordings are revealed. Still, there are none of the less desirable characteristics (ie harshness) that one may associate with professional audio speakers. I still have not determined what makes these speakers sound so good, as the works don't look too unusual, but you did a great job! If the new TA1200's are even better, then congratulations on a fantastic product... I have indeed noticed that not only does the tonal quality of the tweeter horn in the TA12 blend perfectly with the woofer, unlike other PA designs, there is no high frequency “smearing” and loss of clarity at the crossover point. Other reputable companies claim perfect time alignment in their speakers, but I have not heard a design as good as the Bag End. The extra price of Bag End products is certainly worth it.

Thank you.
Doug E.

Bag End,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful bass speaker cabs and the FANTASTIC service that I recently received.

I did something that I thought was impossible with my Bag End D12-D. I blew a speaker. This absolutely shocked me because all of my Bag End cabs are built to survive a nuclear blast. I have an S15X and one of the older D10X-D's which incidentally I think just demolishes the Eden D210xlt. And of course I have the D12-D. Well I wrote Craig Lockwood and received a reply the morning of the next working day. He had me send the dead speaker back and I received a new speaker this morning. I can't thank you enough for this level of service in this day and age of big, faceless, business corporations. I am going to be able to use the D12 for an audition that I have next week.

I want you to know that this type of service and quality doesn't go unnoticed. I'm not certain if you follow any of the Bulletin Boards but there is one that I participate on quite frequently called I and quite a few others have posted very favorable posts in the past few weeks regarding Bag End. Of course the sweetheart of the board is the S15 cabs. If you have a moment you might want to check it out. I think that you might find it interesting. There are about 18,500 registered members on the BB. Many are not that active but on a recent Bag End thread there were over 200 people that read that particular post.

Just a side note: As I stated above, I feel that the D10X-D just annihilates the Eden D210xlt but it has been discontinued. This is a phenomenal speaker cab. I've sung the praises of this cab but unfortunately these people are stuck looking for a used one. But before I talk too much I should take a look at the new D10B. Unfortunately the closest Bag End dealer is BassNW. It's too bad that River City Music, Vancouver, WA isn't a Bag End dealer. Jake, the resident bass pro just loves Bag End. I've tried to talk them into taking on the line. Thanks so much again for an excellent product and world-class customer service.

Jerry J.

I just want to say that the Q10BXD that I purchased earlier this month is just AWESOME! I hooked up my Carvin Pro 500 to it and it just cleaned house. I've had a lot of equipment through the years and this cab has got to be the best I've ever had. I am now thinking about getting a new top to go with it. Maybe you can give me some advise on what to get? I was thinking about the ....... or the ........ as my choices. Any suggestions or other choices? Anyway, my band members were blown away and impressed with the clarity and sound of my new cab. Keep up the excellent work at Bag End and cranking out good quality equipment.

B. Lum,
San Francisco,CA

Dear Bag Enders,

Unable to deal with 160 lbs. of Mesa Boogie thunder (They're good. Give'em their props.) I decided to look for a new cab which could produce even half the fury and fit in my trunk. On a tip, i went down to the Bass Exchange (Somewhere deep in the Valley) with my bass and head. I played everything. Edens, Genz-Benz, EBS, Agiular, Epiphanis, etc. One little jewel of a cabinet stood out. Your S15-D. It sounded noticeably better than everything else in the store. This is including some weird European systems that cost $1000 more. I was sold, sort of...

I didn't buy it because luck is on my side. I got home, logged onto Ebay and lo and behold, two S15-Ds were for sale, with covers and cables. I won the bid, picked 'em up and have not looked back since. I have a 400 watt Eden amp which at 8ohms probably puts out around 270 watts. On a recent trip up north, the bartender crept out from behind the bar and told me if I didn't turn it down, the show was over. Oh, and the amp was on 1. Just before that, we were talking with a recording engineer about an album we were preparing when he made the comment, "Well the bass is pretty much the whole band." Not that he wasn't talking about my skill as a player, but you get the point.

The sound this little suckers make is frightening.Literally prefect response at all volume levels regardless of style. Not only that, but when I did something stupid (8ohm cab with a 4ohm) and blew the input, your extremely pleasant support person sent me a part free of charge. After I told him I had bought the cabs used and had no idea how old they were. I have dealt with several instrument and amplification manufacturers and Bag End was by far the best in terms of customer service. I cannot imagine ever needing more in the way of amplification, but if I do, it is a safe bet that I will get more Bag End.


Hey Jim,

Yeah thanks! It's killin'!! My best speaker so far. I want to get another one soon.

Thanks a mill!

Webster's Dictionary defines MEDIOCRITY as : ordinary, standard, commonplace and/or dull.

On occasion, we all settle in one state of mediocrity or another - either due to cost, familiar name brand or simply because we are un-informed about a particular subject or product.

Admittedly, as a working musician, I am more than likely to try and hang on to some of my money and because of this, I am in high risk of entering into a state of mediocrity. In the past, I have looked away from Bag End products because of the slightly higher price tags. Once you have gone the other way, it usually cost more in the long run, due to inefficiency, declining sound quality during "real world" concert situations, cheap components - which is the reason it cost less to begin with - and many other reasons.

In the world of electric bass, I have used some big name cabinets in the past - Peavey, Hartke, Mesa Boogie, Acme Sound, Genz Benz, SWR and Trace Elliot, just to name a few. None of these compare to the sound per size quality of my Bag End D10X-D. To get similar results with the others, I had to hire others to help me carry them, use two of them, change the stock speakers and or tweeter, sacrifice sensitivity ratios, sacrifice amplifier wattage etc.. It is pure insanity and incredible sound engineering to be able to achieve so much with such a little cabinet. Low Bs - no problem! Highs? I can hear the dogs yelping!

I have since added a S12-D to replace a 1X15 cabinet by another manufacture - Imagine that! Just for some additional cavity loosing bottom, I will eventually add a S15X-D or S15-D to complete the total bass sound spectrum.

Bag End, your sound engineers are incredible!! Great products and built like Hummer's.

Alan Ace Cooper

P.S. The photo of the cab that fell out of the back of the rolled over van, was a key sell point for me. So, save your money and get the Bag End stuff - Can't afford new ones? Find them used (if you can) and go with that. from what I can tell and have read, a used Bag End cab will last longer than most new cabs. My D10X-D was used when I got it - No shame here!

My friend has a car and I have two 18inch bag end's and the elf. we attempted to put it in a car. wwwwoooooo. It was loud, so loud I did not even want to be in the vehicle. Do you think these subs shall stay to that application?

Thanks for creating the loudest sub and totally the lowest sub.


The show went better than I ever expected, I heard some comments from toby's engineers that would make you guys wet your pants, I was truly relieved after I heard them, not that I didn't have faith in bag end but I am not a system designer and this was the ultimate test for this new system. The whole band was on in ears so the only sound the audience heard was only the PA with no help from stage amps and such to supplement it. The SPL was between a healthy 102-109 db at the FOH and never even sounded "loud" or harsh. my concealment or CVR limiter never blinked even once the whole time. that has never happened in all my years of doing this. I have attached a few pics of the show, the only bummer was between shows toby got news that his dad was killed in a car accident. I will call you sometime on monday to let you know some of the details.

Talk to you soon

I wanted to write you and thank you for your great service in handling my Q10BX-D when it was damaged. The way your crew handled it made me appreciate you and your company very much. Doing as many blues shows as we do and the wear we put your cabinets through, show me BAGEND is the best that I have ever used and very proud to endorse it.

When I talked to you before you thought I should use a 18' cabinet with my 4-10. now I am ready to get one, which of the models would you recommend? and at a later date will they both work with your crossover? Also my guitar players wanted to know what you recommend for them as far as cabinets? They both play fender amps and both loved the tone of my cabinet. If you would be so kind and e-mail me the model and price and I will send you a check ASAP.

Thanks again for a great product.

Ted "MadMan" Kowal
ColdShott and The Hurricane Horns.

I absolutely LOVE these cabinets--when they coined the phrase "Good things come in small packages" I'm sure they were refering to these! My current set up is the S15X-D and an S-15-D (actually the latter is 8 years old now has the old number B15-C I think). I've had one of the cabinets for 8 years and am STILL amazed at the BIG sound I get from it! When I added the S15X-D "Deep Red" earlier this year it opened up a whole new dimension of sound! Flexible, extremely portable, BIG room filling sound. :-) !

Thank You! Barbara Herrald

Hello there! I have tried every speaker cabinet under the sun to amplify my acoustic bass, and nothing compares to Bag End. Everything I look for, great sound, portability, affordable price; it's all there. On the road I demand them, and at home I revel in them.

-Reuben Radding freelance contrabassist

hello. just saw your website. it looks wonderful. anyway, i'd like you all to know that your bins are astonishing. you probably already do, but this is the testimonial page, after all. my q10x-d is, after 3 years, still the finest bass cabinet i've ever played through, much less owned. it gives me what i give it. it unfailingly pounds and caresses its way through hundreds of gigs and rehearsals without complaint. problem is...i want another one. oh yeah, and a s18e-d. oh yeah, and an elf processor...sigh. have a great day, and keep up the wonderful work.

jason farrar. toronto, canada.

Greetings, for quite some time after buying a gallien krueger 800rb, i wondered if this cute little bass amp could produce any low end. never mind the fact that it's one of the most popular bass amps of the past 20 years, i was just wondering how low it could go. i tried several different things, including compressors, eqs, basses... they helped, but i couldn't believe that my friend's peavey combo sounded deeper. i started to regret buying the amp. it just wasn't working for me. i started to look for new amps. i tried cabinets. i was looking at cabinets well known in bass circles for their deepness and character. i tried out my own amp and bass on several cabinets: the swrs sounded tubby, the ampegs sounded good, the edens sounded great... i spotted the bag end logo across the room and decided “may as well while I'm here.” would you believe i didn't cross back over to the other side of the room? the depth i got out of a s15d was beautiful, dropping the eden to only adequate. a single 15 delivered warm, solid, reassuringly robust bass. the s18d? frightening. this is scary, crowd frightening bass. i ended up with the s15b-d. finally, a cabinet that made the room shake without distortion and without stomping on the rest of the band. the cabinet cuts through at gigs without effort, takes abuse from load-ins and playing, sounds amazing, and looks good doing it. an added plus is knowing that my single 15 competes easily with those towering 8-10 cabinets. sure, they look impressive, but i don't have to buy a van just to carry my rig... or worry about the back problems associated with getting that monster off the ground! thanks for the cabinet. such bass is a beautiful thing.


I have always been a pain in the ass for my music salesman, because nothing is ever good enough for me. More bass, deeper bass, clean up the highs, not loud enough, the bass is muddy.....and so on. You would think I wouldn't have a problem with bass cause I play guitar. Unfortunately....I like to get all of the sub-harmonics and overtones when I play. I searched forever to find the perfect amp....finally ended up with a 5150. Only problem was that it had no real bass. I got the wonderful idea of using it as a preamp, and using a powerful full range amp to fill out the tone. HOLY SHITOLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to get a D10BX-D, and a D12E(elf subwoofer). I choose to drive them with a Gallien-Krueger 2000RB Bass head. Nothing sounds better.....NOTHING. PA, bass cabs, guitar cabs......nothing is even in the same ballpark. When I set up my rig, I have to be carefull not to over power my bands PA system!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what it sounds like turned up beyond half volume. I have never needed to turn it up beyond half.....even for the outdoor concerts. To top it off, I have completely taken myself out of the pa rig because I am so loud and I sound so much better alone!!!!!! My D10BX puts out more volume than any 4x12 cab I have ever heard!!!!!!! What impressed me the most was that I found out that my Peavey 5150 really does have lots of bass. The Problem was that nothing could reproduce it!!!!! You guys are the miracle workers of the speaker world. I will never play through anything but BAG END speakers.

Thank you for making the best speakers in the universe.
Anthony Reno (Guitarist of FUSEBREAKER 15)

P.S. If heaven has a speaker system I know it would have BAG END speaker exclusively!!!

Hello, My name is Stewart Bowers. I just bought a Deep Red Q10BX-D. I would just like to offer my opinion ( $ 0.02) about your product. In the words of a famous cereal character; It's Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! I was out to purchase my dream rig and I logged on to every website that I could find, did all my home work and narrowed it down to 5 choices (SWR, Bag End, Genz Benz, Eden, and Ampeg SVT). I laid them all side by side (drove the salesman freaking crazy) and pushed them all using two different basses. SWR came in second, but the difference in sound was still like night and day. I couldn't believe the punch and presence that the Q10BX-D gave me. I was playing through a Gallien Krueger 2000-RB amp, this was a match made in heaven. I highly recommend it (5 Stars). Can't wait until I can afford the D10BX-D to round off my dream rig and play in true stereo. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Keep up the good work!!!
Stewart A. Bowers

I have been in this business of making music my whole life, and unlike most recording Artists, I am fascinated by every aspect of the musical process. From the writing and recording of the songs, right up to the actual sound source and sound reproduction of bringing the music to the fans, live. I have been involved in the selection of the sound systems, mixing board, power amps, speaker enclosures etc. for every tour I have done. From the time I was in high school right up to the years as a signed artist with RCA/BMG world wide. I have recently forged a relationship with Bag End after many referrals from some of my (genius/great ears) friends. Well, all I can say is that my brilliant friends were right. We are now on the road with a Bag End TA system with the ELF subs and ELF processor. Not only does the crew love it, (very small and light) but the crowds are telling us that we sound amazing, better than ever, and during sound checks I am repeatedly blown away and shocked at the clarity of this system. It's so small it's almost cute, but if you close your eyes, you would swear there is a wall of PA in front of you. And not just ANY PA. Smooth and accurate, almost like a huge stereo system. Man does it SOUND GOOD!

Bag End is also one of the best companies I have ever dealt with, and I have had the pleasure of dealing with many. These are very nice people who are proud of what they do and what they have created, as they should be. I feel lucky to have found Bag End. They are making the music a little better for everyone involved. I would recommend everyone selling their mounds of big bulky bad sounding Pa systems and having the blanket lifted from their sound by Bag End. Say hello to clarity!

Here's to everyone at Bag End, Regards,
Mitch Malloy

Eleven years ago my boss, Chuck, was teaching Tai’ Chi to one of the founders of BAG END. That year business was not the best so he asked me, "Instead of a year-end cash bonus how would I like a pair of BAG ENDs speakers?" At that time I had never heard of BAG END or even Tai’ Chi, but anything to help out and hoped things would be better the next year. A week later he arrived at my house with a pair of TA-12s. They did not look like anything special until I plugged them in. The first thing I played was the ‘1812 Overture’. I’m not a big classical fan and usually do not play my music loud, but the range in that piece is good and I wanted to see if the speakers could handle the CANONS. That’s when a strange thing happened. The more I turned the volume up the better it sounded. So I cranked it up. No distortion, no loss of the lows or the highs. But I think my hearing suffered a little by the end of the day as I kept testing the sound quality. I have never heard speakers that sound great at low volume but get even better when you have to turn them up.

So Cool My thanks to the creators of BAG ENDs and Tolken’s HOBBIT.



Last year I decided it was time to seek out the best bass cabinets on the market. I did a huge amount of research and surfing, talked to bassists and listened to live rigs, and finally decided to go with the product brand and sound that came up most frequently…Bag End. Once I was in the Bag End “store,” and studied their inventory, I decided that I needed the Q10BX-D cabinet (actually, I did a Wayne’s World …”Oh yes, you will be mine,” kind of thing). Not being one to skimp, I bought two for my live rig. I have since been told that I am crazy because no one really needs 2 of these cabinets, but I disagree. Everyone should have 2 of these beauties (especially if you have roadies). I hooked them up to a 1600 Watt Ampeg head and felt the power through my bones. Oh Baby….the thunk is poetry delivered from a sledgehammer. I have never been happier with ANY speakers I have ever owned since I started in the business. I have 100% confidence in the Bag End product and have never received more complimentary comments from musicians, sound technicians and audiences. I frequently notice technicians standing in front of my rig with an admiring glow. I silently nod to them in knowing recognition. No words are necessary. This is Bag End’s reputation. Kinda cool.

I can’t imagine ever needing or wanting a different speaker configuration than the Q10BX-D’s. I believe they can handle ANYTHING I slam out…. and I have been known to get brutal at times. I think they deserve a lot of credit. Their customer service and sales staff were extremely competent, terrific, friendly, helpful and they also laughed at my jokes.

Thanks Bag End for having terrific products and a great company.

Keep on keepin’ on!
Steve Eddington “Heartsfield

I was running the speaker level inputs for this fine subwoofer until I realized that I could use the line level inputs/outputs on my tape deck monitor circuit and take advantage of two huge differences over the speaker level inputs. First I get to take advantage of your electronic crossover removing the deep bass (and the ensuing "bass cancellation") from my more than adequate Klipsch Fortes. Second, that line level signal is red hot man...whereas before I could turn up the volume halfway, now I can't get it too far past one sixth going by the demarc lines on the volume control. My question is under what circumstances can I ever turn this thing up without the dishes in my kitchen and the framing around my front door sounding like they are about crack or fall apart!!!??? Consider this a testimonial...I have had this monster hooked up all wrong and thought it was the best piece of audio gear I've ever owned, but know after unleashing the full power of this m*th*rf*ck*r, I am truly amazed at my purchase and am inviting everyone over to be amazed as well. God bless you guys...You are the greatest!!

Robert L.

Our band van rolled over in March of 1997 and the State Troopers found it 680 feet from the accident site. It lost a wheel, smashed the grille a bit, chipped a 2 inch square on top, and still worked fine.

It still worked then and still works now as a regular part of my rig. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy playing out of my Bag End cabs. Thanks.

Roberto R.

I have been usin BagEnd speakers since 1983 is some configuration or another. All my Bag end gear are the old ones that I had custom painted black and Black grill. No Logos on the grills. Only the Old wood burn Marks on the side.

When people hear my bass rig they cant believe the tone and volume that come from such a small rig. I have sold a few thousand dolars worth of the gear just from people just hearing my rigs over the past 7 years.

Great cabinets. When do I get my free gear. Haha. I have the older D15B that is not made anymore. Also the older 18 X12 that is not made. And a S12B, a D12B . I am looking at maybe getting a S15BD.


Hi there,

My name is Keith Lowe and I play bass with Fiona Apple. We're on tour now and I just wanted to let you know how much I love the sound I'm getting out of my two single 15" speakers! I'm getting lot's of compliments on my tone and those speakers have a LOT to do with it.

Thanks for making such durable and great sounding stuff!

Take care

Dearest Bag End,

For many years, I toiled away in garages and basements, playing out in the occasional VFW hall, micro-brewery or church. I always longed to afford a Bag End cab. (That's not a've got to pay for the good stuff, right?) Now, having become part of a great Chicago rock outfit with an upcoming CD release -- and having become a Lakland player -- I decided that the bank roll to be peeled off in order to own a Bag End of my own is justifiable. That's why I'll be picking up my Q10 BX-D after work today.

It will be taking the stage with me at The Elbo Room this Friday night on its maiden gig. Now, the task is to find an amp worthy of this cab! Tonight I'll be breaking it in with an Ashdown...we'll see! All I know is that I am now a member of a very wise group of bassists who recognize ultimate sound and quality, and have chosen to invest in Bag End gear.

Bag End is a company that cares about what it makes, and it shows in the tone of its products! Along with my Lakland, this addition to my outfit brings me one step closer to my own Holy Grail of flawless bass tone.

Papa's got a brand new Bag!!

The TA-1200 sounds amazingly clear and is far more powerful than I imagined a single 12" cabinet
could pump out!!! It has the ability to handle even the lowest lows on the 8 octave EWI (electronic wind instrument) and my sax sound is the most realistic and true from the TA-1200 than any other speaker I've ever used! I love it!

Aaron Santee

Dear Bag End,

One week ago today I purchased the Bag End Q10BX-D cabinet. This cabinet has taken my playing and performance to a whole new level I never thought existed. Being a 5 string bass player it's hard to find a bass rig that is easily portable and can still handle the low B. The Q10BX-D does both with ease. It faithfully reproduces every nuance of my bass and head and the choice of carpet color is nothing short of AWESOME!!! Not many musicians in Oklahoma have heard of Bag End so every show we've played since I purchased it brings new questions and numerous positive comments about it's appearance and sound. I am glad to say that my new cabinet of choice is BAG END hands down.

Nobody else even gets close!

BAG END Rocks!!!!!!!!!
Chad H. (Resident Phunk)

Does anyone know Belgium? That's where I live !To complete my home cinema setup there was only one thing needed: a decent subwoofer. After listening to more mainstream brands like B&W and REL my local dealer said he had something really special straight from the US: the BAG END Infrasub 18. Not knowing what to expect I replied: Plug it in! What followed was one hell of a surprise: such detail I had never heard before. The only thing I could ask was: when can you install this at my home? Now a year further I'm still astonished when listening to this powerful and clean sub. Especially at low sound levels it makes a literally deep impression!

Greetings from Europe,
Frank P.

Just wanted to let you know that the TA-5000 and Sapphire monitors that I (our church) bought from Gary Hedden (GHL Audio) are absolutely outstanding!!!

Jeff at Audio Media US

had to print this one complete ---
I received my Q10BX-D on Tuesday and finally had a chance to give it a work out last night. I apologize for the profanity, but....

HOLY S!!!!!!!!!

There is no possible way, ever, that anyone could make a bass cab better than this thing! When I say I pushed it, I mean I pushed the hell out of it last night. I run a Q-tron envelope filter, SansAmp Bass DI distortion, EBS Octabass and an EBS Multicomp on the floor into an Ashdown ABM 500 head. I had my 5 string, super-active Warwick and was hitting the nastiest, distorted-swanky, ugly, loud (obnoxiously so) tones trying to get the cab to "fart" out.


It is worth the weight (the 107 pound weigh-in is my only complaint - I know you aren't supposed to lift with your back, but man...). I get absolutely perfect reproduction of whatever tone I throw at it, as loud as I want. I can't imagine having two of these cabs and running the amp at a full 4 ohms, but the thing is, at the levels I was getting last night, I won't ever need to!

How did you do it? I tried Ashdown, SWR, Genz-Benz, and Mesa-Boogie 4x10s and all of them distorted out at unacceptable levels. This little cab sat in the corner inconspicuously and said "bring it on! What are you really going to do to scare me?" all night! And it wouldn't fart! Refused to do it!!

This is the highest watt rating 4x10 on the market and it shows. I still can't believe my ringing ears! At 8 ohms, it takes everything I could throw at it and taunted me for more. My bandmates were in complete awe after I'd been running through an SWR Triad for the past month (and that isn't a bad cab, you know?) and then hearing the Bag End.

I am so in love with this cabinet and I will never, ever, play through anything else ever again. Do not ever go out of business, please. In fact, I forbid it.

And the 6 year warranty? Good God! You beat the hell out of everyone!

Please tell me how I can register for ownership with you. Do you have t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc? I want some, and my address is below!

Phil, thank you and everyone at Bag End for making me the happiest bassist I know. I've searched for perfect tone for the past 12 years and I have found it! Consider me your new, and happiest, customer!

Raving Fan,

..Bag End seems to be one of the easiest and friendliest companies to communicate with. Not to mention they make fantastic products.

Happy Holidays

don't tell the FDA ---

Last night I went to the church where we have installed our latest system and I had a talk with the wife of the preacher who told me this. One of their members approached the pastor of the church Sunday after the service and asked him to look in his hand. The preacher asked what was in the man's hand and the man stated that was his hearing aid. With a big grin the man said that he loved the new sound system and for the first time in years he could hear everything in the service and did not need to use his hearing aid. Needless to say, the church loves the system. This is a true story. I guess once again, we have proven that Bag End systems do remove waxy build up.

David B. Craton
AV Manager Springdale Acoustics, Inc.

we told you so ---
I heard them ( CRYSTALS ) on 2 occasions...I was invited because at that time, We were selling EAW and my friend called me up to comment since I've kinda' used most speakers in town, being a free lance sound engineer and all. From the time I walked into the gate, which was about 25 meters away, til I got to the gear, I had a big smile on my face. Sound wise, it was better than the KF650 and definitely light years ahead of the JBL Array. I would want to compare it's throw and transparency at that distance to either the Meyer or EV MT-2...

Mario B.

Bruce Koenigsberg wrote:

I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the sound of the 15" coax bass bottom that I bought used 2 years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that using your bottom has helped me to gain entrance into several working groups along with being a contracted player on occasion. No matter what gig or practice that I go to it never fails that the other players and audience members can not believe the sound and great clear low end that comes out of this compact cabinet that can fit in the trunk of my grand prix. I am driving it with an inexpensive 300 watt Behringer transistor head which knocks off an ashton. I have also driven it with my old ampeg v4b 100 watt tube amp and the Bag End bottom consistently delivers great tone quality, especially for blues, funk & R&B. The Bag End blows away my other bottom that is a GK twin 10" with a tweeter and it is much smaller. I can not fit the GK bottom in my car trunk. I have very rarely had to use both the bottoms since purchasing the Bag End. When I purchased it, I emailed Bag End for an emblem that I put on the grill as the guy I bought it from took it off.
I hope that I have influenced other players to buy Bag End products as I was when I initially heard it. When and if I buy another speaker bottom it will definitely be a Bag End. Keep up the great sound.

Bruce Koenigsberg
Bass Player from Night Train Blues Band
Seattle, WA

the "real" reason 8 hz feels so good

My name is Matt Rubenstein and I've had business to business dealings with you guys, and have broken bread with Jim Wischmeyer. I also happen to own an infra sub 18 and have loved it to death for about 10 years. I was scanning the website of a well known taoist master, Mantak Chia, and came across the following quote and wanted to share it with him. Please forward it on to him and wish him the best from me. I hope he gets a kick out of it! Hope all is well with you guys. Take care.

"When we combine our love, compassion and orgasmic sexual energy,
a harmonizing resonance effect arises at the synergistic frequency of eight Hertz."

Bag End Loudspeakers, USA
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