"The subwoofers revealed a whole new world of heretofore inaudible sounds… I've heard dozens of subwoofer systems in the last few years, and this is easily the most coherent and musical.
— Lawrence Ullman, ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN Magazine

"Did Michael Fremer say that was bass like you've never heard before? It is. Not just quantity. That's up to you. But quality: defined, precise and focused."
— Dan Schwartz, THE ABSOLUTE SOUND Magazine

"I find it more solid, cleaner, more detailed, less rumbly, more revealing than that of any other subwoofer known to me."
— Peter Aczel, THE AUDIO CRITIC Magazine

"The BAG END system never fails to impress."
- Dave Tourkow, supervising engineer, TODD-AO/Glen Glenn Studios, Hollywood

"The definition provided by Bag End is great; it gives us a nice fat, tight low end."
— Rob Milbourn, sound designer, Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago

"Is truly phenomenal. It brings out the bass in a dB level that you've never heard before. I'm not a gadget guy and we are not a gadget company. This thing is not a gadget ... It hits you right in the heart. It's very impressive."
— Dave Shadoan, president, SOUND IMAGE, San Marcos, CA

"The response is so quick and the frequency response is so low, you can't help but be impressed… The system is very musical, the speakers don't `thud' - that's what I really like about them."
— Rick Camuso, head sound tech, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I am very impressed with the sound of the 15" coax bass bottom that I bought used 2 years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that using your bottom has helped me… No matter what gig or practice that I go to it never fails that the other players and audience members cannot believe the sound and great clear low end that comes out of this compact cabinet that can fit in the trunk of my grand prix...the Bag End bottom consistently delivers great tone quality, especially for blues, funk & R&B. Keep up the great sound."
— Bruce Koenigsberg, Bass Player from Night Train Blues Band, Seattle, WA

"Being a 5 string bass player it's hard to find a bass rig that is easily portable and can still handle the low B. The Q10BX-D does both with ease. It faithfully reproduces every nuance of my bass and head and the choice of carpet color is nothing short of AWESOME!!! Not many musicians in Oklahoma have heard of Bag End so every show we've played since I purchased it brings new questions and numerous positive comments about it's appearance and sound. I am glad to say that my new cabinet of choice is BAG END hands down. Nobody else even gets close! BAG END Rocks!!!!!!!!!"
— Chad H. (Resident Phunk)

"I play bass with Fiona Apple. We're on tour now and I just wanted to let you know how much I love the sound I'm getting out of my two single 15" speakers! I'm getting lots of compliments on my tone and those speakers have a LOT to do with it. Thanks for making such durable and great sounding stuff!"
— Keith Lowe

"There is no possible way, ever, that anyone could make a bass cab better than this thing [Q10BX-D]!… I get absolutely perfect reproduction of whatever tone I throw at it, as loud as I want...This is the highest watt rating 4x10 on the market and it shows. I still can't believe my ringing ears! At 8 ohms, it takes everything I could throw at it and taunted me for more. My bandmates were in complete awe...I am so in love with this cabinet and I will never, ever, play through anything else ever again. Do not ever go out of business, please. In fact, I forbid it."
— Raving Fan, Steve

"I went to the church where we have installed our latest system...One of their members approached the pastor of the church Sunday after the service and asked him to look in his hand. The preacher asked what was in the man's hand and the man stated that was his hearing aid. With a big grin the man said that he loved the new sound system and for the first time in years he could hear everything in the service and did not need to use his hearing aid. Needless to say, the church loves the system."
— David B. Craton, AV Manager Springdale Acoustics, Inc

"Once I was in the Bag End 'store,' and studied their inventory, I decided that I needed the Q10BX-D cabinet (actually, I did a Wayne’s World… 'Oh yes, you will be mine,' kind of thing)… I have never been happier with ANY speakers I have ever owned since I started in the business. I have 100% confidence in the Bag End product and have never received more complimentary comments from musicians, sound technicians and audiences. I frequently notice technicians standing in front of my rig with an admiring glow… Their customer service and sales staff were extremely competent, terrific, friendly, helpful and they also laughed at my jokes. Thanks Bag End for having terrific products and a great company."
— Steve Eddington "Heartsfield"